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19 October 2012

Alexandra Palace Miniature Fair

Just a quick reminder about the Miniature Fair being held at Alexandra Palace on
Sunday 21st October, it should be a great fair with well over 100 exhibitors taking part.
Brenna the woodland faerie with her baby owl.
Breena is just one of the new dolls I will be taking along - I also cant wait to look around all the other exhibitions.

On a more sombre note the village in which I live suffered a terrible flood just recently, the torrential down fall contributed to a river bursting its bank - so I understand (I live higher up in the village), the following photos show the consequences.
The harbour transformed by the muddy debri.
 Thank goodness nobody was badly hurt, the villages are now working hard to repair the damage.

09 September 2012

Dolls kits replenished

At last, I have managed to finished all the kits - some of my ladies had completely sold out, and so for those of you who have been inquiring, they are all in stock at present, however, it will be a first come first serve basis, so to avoid disappointment choose your lady soon.
I will be back soon with some of my costumed ladies, there are some major exhibitions fast approaching and I am trying to finish some of my commissions in time also - as usual my ball jointed doll is sat on a back burner, if anyone knows how to increase the hours in a day then I would love to hear from you, lol!

04 August 2012

Eigon the mystical

I have been so busy lately with commissions, that I am guilty of neglecting my blog, although I have been following many of you and keeping upto date with your activities, of course, many people are enjoying the Olympics.  One of my commissions – the specification being a mystical lady to stand at the side of a unicorn – meet Eigon.  Her dress is the requested purple colour, in medieval style  with a low waist silk dress;  the hooded cape is edged with a fur trim, lined with an iridescent lining. 

Eigon’s hair falls in soft curls and as you can see she wears a jewelled tiara, also if I were to tip her upside down you would see undergarments and silver shoes to match the cape -  I do hope Sue likes her.
Thank you from those of you inquiring about my sculpting, it getting there, albeit at snail pace, if only I could add a few more hours to each day.

01 June 2012

Pretty Undies

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while I have been busy making some new ladies with the York show in mind, I had got quite low.  I have also been sculpting and modifiying a sculpture in order to produce a ball jointed doll, I'm a long way off yet, but watch this space.

Clarrisa’s undergarments of the Georgian period consist of the – the panier which the ladies wore to enhance the shape of the elaborate gowns of the day.

  The bodice which I have made from  damask silk  has lent itself perfectly for support and shape, aiding the forced full bossom.   I hand dyed the gold lace to contrast with the bodice which seems to work well with the ruby stone effect fasteners up the front.

Seems ashame to cover it over with a gown, we see people wearing  much less in today’s fashions.  I made the pannier (or improvers, as they were sometimes referred to)in  3 tiers to give a gradual shape this was covered  with silk and pretty lace. 
I watched a programme recently which demonstrated how these ladies went to the toilet in this gear – which was basically done whilst stood up using a contraption which after use was then given to a poor servant to dispose of, don’t suppose they washed their hands after, they were pretty much an unhygienic lot.

Her shoes are also made from silk which I have finished off with tiny seed beads, which you can just make out in the picture – I love the shape of the ladies Georgian shoe, they usually look so delicate when exhibited as museums.  Clarrisa’s patch is in a position which I understand implies she has kissable lips – if my research serves me correctly, I do know they varied in shape and the position also denoted something specific, I did read they were originally used to cover pox marks.
Elsa's attire consists of a tea-gown which is a soft floaty fine silk fabric, trimmed with lace. The undergarments of the Edwardian era afforded considerable comfort and freedom of corsetry compared to previous eras -the pretty laced bodice is made from cotton batiste with matching drawers.                           

Elsa is in the midst of dressing for the evening but is interupted by a letter from an admirer, her tea gowns drapes off her shoulders. 

 I love all the beautiful laces and silks of the past periods, I know, they were far from practical and as for wearing all those layers in this muggy weather we are experiencing at the moment – somewhat fragrant?

Georgian Clarrisa and Edwardian Elsa, I wonder what they would talk about or think about each other if we could bring them together?

I am going to be exhibiting these 2 ladies next week at the York Miniature Fair.

21 April 2012

The making of Jade

I’ve got some catching upto do after my busy fair last week and as I am always being asked about how the dolls are made, I thought I would take a few pictures of the making of Jade.  To fit this in with my schedule I have been getting up at 5.30am several days this week and have been working later in the evening, but I do enjoy making the doll, it is a labour of love. 

As you can see she is a little girl of about 7 years and also is fast asleep.  Here she is in pieces, waiting to be assembled - she does have a lovely face.

 Firstly, I strung the head and then the limbs were put in place. 

Her friends are here to play – “wake up sleepy head”. 

"Jade wake up, you are going to drop your doll"

She looks so cosy in her red cardigan with her matching red leather shoes, I pleated the floral cotton fabric for her skirt included a waistband to keep it tidy, Jade’s blouse is cream silk, you can just see the tiny pearl effect buttons running up the front.  

Her friend still cant wake her.

14 April 2012

Busy Miniature fair

Tomorrow I am travelling to Lyndhurst to exhibit at a miniature fair organised by Wendy’s World. This is a brilliant collectors fair, many great craftsmen.  It’s a good chance to chat to people and find out about their projects. The only problem with this fair is it is so far away from where I live, I have to get up at 3 am in the morning as it is a 3 hour journey, so I am trying to take it easy today - ?? Just had a call from my son, please can you drive me football - O.K. what are mums for.

I am going to be showing a few of my new dolls, one being Connie, a Victorian lady dressed in her ball gown, just a last minute check in her hand mirror - appearance seems fine, what do you think?

27 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

I thought I would post a few pics of beautiful North Devon where I live. On Mothering Sunday 18th March, my three lovely sons treated me and their Dad to Sunday lunch at the Red LionHotel in Clovelly.Clovelly is an unique historical fishing village which nests on a hill side -as you can see the houses here look like they are about to tumble down the hillside, how did the ladies cope all those years ago, walking up the steep cobbles wearing their crinoline dresses?

This wasn't taken by me on Mothering Sunday, obviously this is a summers day out at sea, but it does show off the village better.

We had a wonderful meal – all freshly cooked, I felt thoroughly pampered.  After the meal we stepped outside where I took a few photos, I found it quite amusing to see my youngest son waiting for me in his new car –

so I took him home and cooked him lunch, but that was ok, we had a lovely day.
  This shows how quickly the weather can change, it started off a beautiful sunny day - in this picture you can see the sea mist coming in.