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18 February 2012

Tudor times

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been doing much blogging recently I have been concentrating on my new job, which is brilliant.  I should have left my previous one years ago (nasty stressful thing).  Anyway I must keep up with all the great stuff you are all doing.

I have just finished my latest doll – Bria, as you can see she is a Tudor lady, one of my favourite periods.  I have made her a snood with a pretty crescent shaped head piece.  I had to make sure my hand was steady when I made her necklace as this is made up from individual beads and stones.  The candle Bria is holding is made from a section of cotton bud, the base, top ( painted gold )and candle from fimo,  with just a tiny amount of gold lace on the base.  She is also wearing pantaloons – shh! don’tell anyone, according to my research tudor ladies didn’t wear such things, however, people do seem to turn a doll upside down to see what is underneath, so at least Bria’s modesty is kept.  Hope you like her.

Anyway must go, I am working on a commission of a little family, Dad, little girl and baby, I don’t have a photo to go on just a description from the customer, so I am hoping I get it right.