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21 April 2012

The making of Jade

I’ve got some catching upto do after my busy fair last week and as I am always being asked about how the dolls are made, I thought I would take a few pictures of the making of Jade.  To fit this in with my schedule I have been getting up at 5.30am several days this week and have been working later in the evening, but I do enjoy making the doll, it is a labour of love. 

As you can see she is a little girl of about 7 years and also is fast asleep.  Here she is in pieces, waiting to be assembled - she does have a lovely face.

 Firstly, I strung the head and then the limbs were put in place. 

Her friends are here to play – “wake up sleepy head”. 

"Jade wake up, you are going to drop your doll"

She looks so cosy in her red cardigan with her matching red leather shoes, I pleated the floral cotton fabric for her skirt included a waistband to keep it tidy, Jade’s blouse is cream silk, you can just see the tiny pearl effect buttons running up the front.  

Her friend still cant wake her.

14 April 2012

Busy Miniature fair

Tomorrow I am travelling to Lyndhurst to exhibit at a miniature fair organised by Wendy’s World. This is a brilliant collectors fair, many great craftsmen.  It’s a good chance to chat to people and find out about their projects. The only problem with this fair is it is so far away from where I live, I have to get up at 3 am in the morning as it is a 3 hour journey, so I am trying to take it easy today - ?? Just had a call from my son, please can you drive me football - O.K. what are mums for.

I am going to be showing a few of my new dolls, one being Connie, a Victorian lady dressed in her ball gown, just a last minute check in her hand mirror - appearance seems fine, what do you think?