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24 June 2011


Just starting my long awaited blog - its quite daunting, hope I can think of enough interesting things to chat about. Talking of which, we are just about sorted out after our trip upto the York Miniature Fair, this was a good fair for us, which was reassuring as the tables had been moved around slightly from last year plus it was a lovely sunny day - and you wonder whether anyone will turn up or perhaps will they be in their gardens - it was great meeting you all including some of you who had travelled down from further North.

Some of my ladies went to new homes, I am sure they will be made to feel welcome - ( yes, I am talking about my dolls, I become very attached to them ) o well, now you will know that I am mad. Funnily enough my new modern doll Fallon travelled back down to Devon with one of my regular customers, hope she fits in Mrs Gabby.



Anyway that’s enough for my first instalment - see some of the girls who went to new homes - LOL x

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