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07 September 2011

Miniature English Culture

The high waisted graceful styles of early 19th century are known as the Empire style. The Empire dress which evolved in the late 1790s began as a chemise shift. Typically the bodice was fitted under the bust line with the skirt flowing gently to about ankle length, Cicely’s skirt is made from silk, but often muslin would be used as this fabric was less costly than silk and was easier to maintain.
Cicely’s neckline is low, with the bodice back short and plain, however, is finished off by the capped sleeves which sometimes  restricted movement.
Throughout the Regency Era lightweight shawls were often worn to accessorise the outfit, especially when a little extra warmth was required.
The look is completed with the low heeled pump, embellished with a delicate silk rose. This type of shoe was made of soft kid, cloth or silk and was very flimsy, and so wore out easily. They were basically little more than ballet slippers.

Cicely looks as though she has just stepped out of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility or Emma, she would be most apt in a social gathering from this era.



  1. Love the work!!Beautiful doll,so real!Miniregards.

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