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10 October 2011

Hot off the press!

Brilliant day yesterday at the Lyndhurst fair, very busy with lots of chatter, its very interesting listening about people’s miniature projects. I worked all day Saturday trying to finish this little girl and just managed it by tea time.

Five past ten at the fair and she had a new owner, hot off the press. She was a very pretty and sweet sleeping doll, the customer informed me that she was going to a good home, infact, it was her very new dolls house, which she had purchased just after the April Lyndhurst fair in order to home some of the dolls she had bought from me then, I asked her how many houses did she have, “22”, she whispered - that’s dedication.


  1. Deb, that sleeping child so lovely, no wonder you bought it right away, sure that his new owners also take good care now 22 houses in which to live, it's amazing!
    A warm greeting.

  2. Dear Debs, what beautiful dolls you make! You were way too modest in saying that you are giving it a go..wonderful detailing, beautiful tiny faces. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to follow yours as well! Fairy Blessings, Christel