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04 August 2012

Eigon the mystical

I have been so busy lately with commissions, that I am guilty of neglecting my blog, although I have been following many of you and keeping upto date with your activities, of course, many people are enjoying the Olympics.  One of my commissions – the specification being a mystical lady to stand at the side of a unicorn – meet Eigon.  Her dress is the requested purple colour, in medieval style  with a low waist silk dress;  the hooded cape is edged with a fur trim, lined with an iridescent lining. 

Eigon’s hair falls in soft curls and as you can see she wears a jewelled tiara, also if I were to tip her upside down you would see undergarments and silver shoes to match the cape -  I do hope Sue likes her.
Thank you from those of you inquiring about my sculpting, it getting there, albeit at snail pace, if only I could add a few more hours to each day.