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17 July 2011

A little courtesy

I am sat here at my desk on a rainy Saturday morning, concentrating hard on designing this
minute doll’s necklace, when my attention is drawn to a people carrier outside my house which is kind of off the road and on my driveway. I watch with interest the faffing around - people getting in and out of the car, coats on, bags picked up, they keep looking up at my house, I’m thinking should I know them, are they relatives of my husband’s who we haven’t seen for ages?

Eventually they all get back in the car and proceed to drive up into my yard? O, they must be those relatives, I had better go outside and investigate, as no one is knocking on the door.

I walk upto them, they are oblivious to me, so I say ‘ excuse me’ to which I receive a full on Italian ( I think) explanation, I quickly say ‘ I don’t understand a word you are saying’ - talk about blood pressure. I then explain this is private property and they cannot park here, to which I keep hearing, ‘ its not possible’ , at this point they are all trying the odd word of English.  Eventually, I am shown a very flat tyre, ( I hope they haven’t driven very far with that, cos, as though I am no expert, I think this it would have caused serious damage ).

Ok, so I can see their problem, and understand it would be difficult to change a tyre on a roadside, I smile at them and say ‘no problem’ and go back inside.   I watch as one of the vehicle’s occupants is stood on the road side looking like he is about to stop the traffic?   Next time I look there are 2 other cars trying to inch into my drive, I think they whole extensive family are here.

The tyre is changed and they all drive off in the heavy July rain, I think to myself, I would like to think if that had been me I would have exercised a little common courtesy by knocking on the door to try and explain the problem, LOL - back to the necklace.

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