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01 August 2011

Beauty & Restriction in Miniature form

Here is my latest completed doll. Lots of you have been asking about more ladies dressing - so meet Harriet. Late Victorian to Edwardian, you will see her dressing for dinner, the afternoon Tea gown has been discarded to enable her to go through the ritual of adding all the necessary layers you would expect of an Edwardian hostess.

She adorns black stockings under her fashionable leather high heeled shoes. The miniature drawers are made from silk as is the chemise and the petticoat the doll is holding - all finished off with vintage lace. The corset has been laced up the back and has accomplished the task of enhancing the hour glass silhouette of the period. Luxurious silk, lace and glass stone detail up the front of the corset creates the desired sexual appeal of full curves and ample bosom, the ¢ S¢ shape, all in all the lingerie lends itself to an appropriate foundation for the outer garments, especially the skirts which will swish and rustle as she walks .

Harriet’s evening gloves are completed with her bracelet which matches her necklace.

Being a slave to the restrictions of corsetry was a matter of course for these ladies, I am so grateful to the evolution of fashion and customs. It would be interesting to get dressed up in some of the costumes I have created for my dolls, however, can you imagine being sat after dinner with the confines of many garments, wishing you had had the sense not to have finished that chocolate desert, perhaps wisdom was gained through experience.

The doll will shortly appear on my website for those of you who are interested.

So exhausting, this dressing -(sorry, this photo isn't very sharp).

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